Rubber Keypads

Rubber Keypads
Hightly versatile and customisable keypads with excellent tactile feel for a wide variety of applications

A rubber keypad is a type of switch that operates using compression-moulded silicone rubber actuators and conductive pills.  Rubber keypads are extensively used in both commercial and industrial applications.

Diagram: Anatomy of a Single Rubber Key

A single key consists of angled webbing around a switch center, with a conductive carbon or gold pill on the underside to act as a shorting pad. This key is placed on a base circuit, with the shorting pad directly over the switch contacts. When the key is depressed, the webbing deforms, producing a tactile response. The conductive pill shorts the switch contacts, closing the switch. When the key is released, the webbing causes the key to spring back into its neutral position with positive feedback, and the switch is then open again.

Rubber keypads are very versatile. The tactile response and key travel can be adjusted by changing the webbing design or by using different silicone base material. Alternatively, the tactile feedback can be further enhanced by using the rubber key to depress a metal dome. The aesthetics are also very customisable, as switch keys can be made in a wide variety of unusual shapes and colours.

Features and Benefits of Rubber Keypads