Artwork Transfer Guide

General Guidelines

  • For best results, we prefer vector format files (.ai, .cdr) created with software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.
  • We also accept raster format artwork (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif) for digital-printed parts. Raster format artwork will need to be re-drawn in vector format and will require longer processing time.
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Visio files are not considered acceptable artwork.
  • Please ensure that artwork is in CMYK colour mode, not RGB.
  • Please prepare a colour sample for colour-matching purposes if your desired colour is not a Pantone or RAL colour.
  • Our recommended minimum line-width is >0.18mm.


Recommended File Formats

.pdf, .cdr, .ai, .dwg, .dxf

Acceptable Raster File Formats

.png, .jpg, .tif, .psd


Programs We Use


  • CorelDraw (.cdr)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)


  • PhotoShop (.psd)


  • Solidworks (.dwg, .dxf)


Colour Standards

*Please send your artwork in CMYK colour mode, not RGB colour mode.

We are also able to match to non-Pantone/RAL colours using colour chips/samples.


About Fonts

  • Please attach the font files for fonts used in your artwork. If your file contains linked images, please also send the linked image files and any font files used in the linked images.
  • We recommend converting any text to curves (in CorelDraw) or outlines (in Adobe Illustrator).
  • Once converted to curves/outlines, the text can no longer be edited, but the formatting will remain consistent to ensure that your final product looks exactly the same as what you see on your computer.


Proofing Your Artwork

Before we proceed to print your artwork, we will first email you the proof in PDF format for you to review. Please review the proof carefully, as we will print according to the proof. The colours displayed in the PDF are meant to be close approximations of your desired colours, but are not used for colour matching. Once you have verified that the design is correct, please inform us as soon as possible to ensure that that production can start as soon as possible.

We hope that these guidelines are useful in ensuring that your artwork is processed as fast as possible. If you need any additional clarification, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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